Winfield Scott
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The U.S. General in Chief Winfield Scott's plan was to defeat the confederacy.This happened from 1862-1865 at the coastline from Virgina to Texas. Winfield Scott was a mexican hero who won the famous battle of Mexico City. He
was a commander of the army during the Mexican War and briefly the Civil War. Winfield was going to do this by using a blockade of the Southern and Eastern coasts and sieze control of the Mississippi River. This would break the confederacy in two, then strike from all sides at once. When Scott and Abraham Lincoln let the details out for this plan journalists and others looked at it's lengthy development. McClellan called it Scott's "boa-constrictor plan." The plan was adpoted in 1862 and involved four main parts. Blockade the coast of the South to prevent the export of cotton,tobacco,and other crash crops from the South an to keep from importing much needed war supplies. Divide the South by controlling the Mississippi Rive to cut the South off from the West. Divide the South by capturing the Tennessee River Valley and marching through Georgia to the cost. Richmond, Virgina, the capital of the confederate States of America.

Anaconda Plan
Anaconda Plan

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