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Abraham Lincoln:

-interesting facts:
-assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14th, 1865 (first presidential murder in history)
-had 4 boys with Marry Todd (wife) and only one lived to maturity
-16th president
-first republican elected to presidency

-thought secession illegal >>willing to use force to defend that belief
-rejected organized religion (believed in independent religious opinions)
-religious views were inconsistent with Ohio’s motto “With God, all things are possible.”
-believed civil war involved an eve larger issue

-impact on civil war and nation in general:
-helped strengthen republican party
-rallied most of the Northern Democrats to union cause.
-issued emancipation proclamation>freed slaves within the confederacy.
-his life was compared to Jesus’s and was considered a martyr when he died.
-transformed the president’s role as commander in chief

-which side was he on?
-Whig in beginning of his political career

-major events he took place in:
-Gettysburg address
-emancipation proclamation
-Lincoln-douglas debate of 1858

-role during the civil war:
-called for volunteer army from every state>leads to secession declarations from four states. (when Fort Sumpter was attacked by confederate forces.)

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