How many plans do you think there were for reconstruction? There are three main plans for reconstruction. The first one was Aberham Lincolns plan. Followed by Andrew Johnson's plan. Finishing with the Radical Republicans. All their plans are broken down into more detail.


The Radical Republicans Plan has four main goals. One goal was to prevent the leaders of the Confederacy from returning to power after the Civil War. They also wanted the Republican Party to become a powerful institution in the South. Another goal was the federal government to help African Americans achieve political equality; guaranteening their right to vote in the South. The last main goal was revenge; a desire among some to punish the South for causing the war.

Lincolns plan was develpoing a plan for restoring a regular government in the south. Lincoln wanted a moderate policy that would reconcile the south with the union; instead of punishing it for treason. A general amnesty would be granted to take oath of loyalty to the united states. Confederate officials and military leaders were temporarily excluded. When one enth of voters had participated in 1860 election and had taken the oath within a state then the state could launch a new government.


Johnson's plan for reconstruction was harsher than Lincoln's. Pardons were only granted to those taking a loyalty oath to the Union. Pardons weren't available to high confederate officials or anybody with a property value of 20,000 dollars or more. States needed to abolish slavery before they could be readmitted. States were required to repeal its secession to the Union. Most of the states began to follow the Johnson's reconstruction.

In conclusion there are many plans for reconstruction. Two of them were sucssesfull. Licolns would have been sucessesful but he was assassinated before his plan couls be followed through with.