1st Bull Run

  • The Battle of Bull Run took place near Manassas, Virginia.
  • The Union army was led by Brigadier General Irvin McDowell.
  • The Confederate Leader was Joseph E. Johnston.
  • The battle was fought on July 21, 1861. McDowell sent a force of 12,000 to fight Daniel Tyler's force of 8,000. McDowell brought in 15 regiments of men to fight on the hill against the Confederate army.
  • The battle lasted for about 2 days and there were many casualties.
  • The outcome of the battle was a confederate victory.
  • On the union side about 2,896 casualties occured. (460 killed, 1,124 wounded, and 1,312 were captured/missing.)
  • On the confederate side there were 1,982 casualties. (387 killed, 1,582 wounded, and 13 missing.)
  • This battle was important because people were fighting over what the name would become for the battle. Beauregard was promoted by the president to full general of the confederate army.

2nd Bull Run

  • The 2nd Battle of Bull Run also took place in Manassas, Virginia.
  • The leader of the Union army was John Pope.
  • The leader of the Confederate army was Robert E. Lee.
  • This battle was fought on August 28th to August 30th. The Union army had the strength of about 62,000 men and the Confederate army had a strength of 50,000. The outcome was a confederate victory due to the retreat of the union army from the confederate counter attack.
  • The Union army had about 10,000 casualties.
  • The Confederate army had about 8,300 casualties.
  • The battle was important because it lead to the Battle of Chantilly. Union Leader John Pope was relieved of command after the loss. He spent the rest of the war dealing with the Dakota War of 1862.

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